How out, is too far out?

So I’m noticing that our Sense is usually about 40+KW’s out from our electricity bill, now Sense web / App has this nifty new information about how much you’ve used in total vs how much you’ve put to grid and what you’ve used from the grid.

And by out, i mean we’re always showing more usage on our bill than on Sense.

Just curious, do I need to look in to this more? If you’re talking about 40KW’s a month that soon mounts up over 12+ months.

Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

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If you’re not seeing results within +/- 2% of your revenue meter, there’s probably something wrong. Since you are mentioning “from grid” and “to grid” I’m assuming you have solar and are using Sense solar. Me and a couple of the Sense users did a deep dive of Sense net accuracy and solar accuracy here:

You don’t share what % that extra 40kWh might be, but if it more than 2-3%, I would consider it a problem.

Based on what I have seen on my install and the forum there are a number of reasons Sense might come up short:

  • One or more of your CTs (current transformers) has come open. Take a look.
  • Your Sense is seeing regular data dropouts. I had a lot of that happening in my early days with Sense, but has been much improved over time. See my posting for more details.
  • Your Sense is attached to a sub panel, not the main (there have been a couple posters on this forum that have sworn up and down that their Sense was on the main, only to discover that there was a second parallel sub panel sucking down additional energy).

If none of those seems to be at issue, and your number is grater than 2-3%, I would contact


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