I Couldn’t Take It Anymore

I Couldn’t Take It Anymore. Phantom KASA devices that I could not get rid of.

Willing to flush 6 months of history, I turned off the KASA integration wiping out all the phantom unused KASA devices.

Well, that got rid of some of them.

But some phantom KASA devices remain.

So I flushed 6 months of data and still cannot rid myself of the phantom devices without a full Sense factory reset eliminating all my detections?

Wow. Would have thought that that would have done it. Were any of the phantoms “merged” with detected waveforms via “What’s this connected to” ?

Those kasa items were deleted with their history.

The items remaining left were never merged.

They remain with the integration still turned off?

I’m surprised here as well - I would have thought re-enabling the integration would have solved this.
The fact that some of the devices disappeared and several didn’t is odd - I can’t say why without having someone from Support take a deeper look. I’m guessing you didn’t submit a ticket for this?

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We both know the answer to that.