In my next life (or home renovation)

This is the future…


Interesting play and you (they) could be right about the future nature of electrical panels but it’s a tricky sell … unless “partners” equals people like Schneider & Sense!

My bet is on companies like Sense prevailing. Incremental technology usually wins unless you create a whole new paradigm … e.g iPod … because there is such a large installed base of customers that your gear is not applicable to for years if not decades, when they need to upgrade. Adding or replacing panels is non-trivial and expensive.

Leapfrogging is possible but it’s rarely achieved:

I don’t disagree. However, with the new CA mandate for new housing to contain solar, this could be the “new normal” for new construction in this state.


I guess the question with any technology deployment is the scale (and potential benefits) vs cost in both direct and indirect terms.

It seems mean housing starts in the US over the last 50 years are around 1.4million (adjusted annual rate). Meanwhile there are something of the order of 140million housing units in the US. Meaning: In the next 10 years the deployment of Span-like tech in new housing could account for, very very optimistically, 10% of all housing electrical control. More likely, what?, 1%?

Meanwhile-meanwhile, in the next 10 years very smart meters (evolved Senses) and various other cheap incremental additions to existing panels could be in the other 99% of homes! :wink:

I also consider how long it’s taken to go from rudimentary metering to semi-smart metering to integrated intelligent metering (e.g. Sense + smartplugs). To put it in leapfrogging physics terms, there are still a lot of copper wires out there.