Installation issue - consumption waveform riding on top of solar waveform

See the photos below. I installed a powerwall and had to relocate my ct clamps and also added a second Sense unit. Support has corrected the issues with new unit but original gas consumption added to solar First picture is original sense waveform. Last I is new sense waveform. Support has not been able to identify or correct issue so far. Unit 1 CT’s are in the proper locations.



I recently installed a Sense + Solar. I have a similar waveform effect.

In my case the solar generation waveform is driving the consumption waveform. As solar generation increases/decreases, so does consumption respectively. I don’t think it takes power to make solar power.

Are we to assume these effects are due to sensor location/proximity etc.?

I have a large distance between consumption coils and solar coils but the pairs are stacked. The only space I had for consumption coils was on the bus bars after the main breaker unless I fed the sensor wire from the meter enclosure.

@Cadguru. I contacted support and they were able to make the required software corrections to solve my issue. Be persistent.

Support was quite responsive. They were able to “see” that one of the main sensor coils was not completely closed. Turns out the panel cover pushed on the right main coil and opened the coil about 1/32" this was enough to allow current sense “leakage” that caused the mismatch in the graphs.

I am awaiting their confirmation but a simple adjustment to the sensor coil to make sure it didn’t get moved by the panel cover eliminated the issue in the graphs.

Thank you @dwleckie for your input.

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