Is my sense on the fritz or what? Very odd behavior

All of a sudden I started getting hundreds of notifications that my “Heat 1” was on/off/on/off… I cycled the breaker to my sense and it’s still going on… I have no idea what this Heat 1 even is…

Any ideas?

I’d start cycling other breakers until whatever it’s sensing is no longer sensed, that would give you a good first lead on what it is, and if it’s actually a legit detection.

Did this new device just pop up?

Did you have the weird up and down cyclical spike on your “Now” display forever, or did it just start?

How long is the device staying on for, and then off for before it cycles back on again?

Sorry… Figured it out… It was our Crock Pot… Cooking away…


Doesn’t look like Sense is on the fritz - Those are real waveforms switching on and off quite frequently (10x per minute ?) The real question is what is turning on and off so regularly ?

Well, now I know how crock pots regulate their temperature. :smile:

That’s pretty crazy.

Think my wife’s rice cooker (and Sense identified it) does the same on/off rapid fire. I’m pretty sure lots of heating devices are like that out there.

Bingo, our instapot looks crazy like this too

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