Just a few devices are Solid

I have been on since February. A few interesting Facts:

  1. My electric company provides an app that communicates to the meter.
    Sense agrees with the meter very closely, well within 1%. Comforting.

  2. Sense believes it has found 25 devices.

  3. of those devices, only the garage door opener, floor heat, main fridge, sump pump, coffeemaker, oven, and microwave, are consistently reported stopping and starting.

  4. the rest of the devices either show wrong wattage eg, the dishwasher varies from 1 watt to 1600 watts. If you stop it mid-cycle and restart it, it will never find all of the load.
    It also finds 1 fan/light, but refuses to identify a second identical device.
    Doesn’t consistently id gas dryer. has never found washing machine. Furnace is also spotty.
    (furnace blower and washing machine are both inverter driven DC motors.
    Has not found any lights, and too many devices are “heat/motor” and hard to

  5. I have still gotten value from it: It graphically pointed out the significant cost of heating the floor in the master bath, and showed an old fridge that was starting stopping 100 times per day. I have given up on one of my original goals to track usage by resident. My kids are not unhappy about that.

  6. On a lighter note, I consumed all of my analytical skills trying to figure out Sense’s inability to id my a/c compressor motor. After several days of thinking and planning, I realized it was on a separate meter for interruptible service, Sense never had a chance.

  7. This is pretty good geek entertainment, maybe if I had SOLAR…

Looking forward to the march of technology