Light when the sun goes down


I would really like to use ITTT to turn on the Hue Livingroom lights when the sun goes down. I would use a rule like when Solar < 100 w = Turn on Livingroom Lights. I can turn them off locally when we go to bed. There would not be a new action trigger until the next sunset.


Does your solar grid tie inverter support IFTTT?
If so, you can bypass Sense all together.
I only ask this because it’s easy to forget. There’s been similar questions in the past where Sense is unneeded in IFTTT actions for the same result.
With current product integrations on Sense, it’s inevitable Sense will enhance their IFTTT functions.


another way, IFTTT has weather services, I use weather underground… that has sunset/sunrise values for applets…

if you tie this to your PV output, you could have times where rain/clouds cause the PV system to be low, that could turn your lights on during the day, which is something you may not want…


There are lots of IFTTT Sunset triggers. Here’s one for example that does exactly what you want:


I set this one up. Thanks for the tip! Now using IFTTT.


I use Enphase. If it does have IFTTT integration I have not been able to find it.


I was just looking for a more direct route, trying to think,…
Couds and stormy weather didn’t cross my mind, either. Lol
Using these ideas… when I get solar, I’m gonna make it pay for itself as soon as I can make it.


For what it’s worth, now my wife is mildly annoyed with me for implementing this with the Hue Lights on at Sunset. The houses SSW of us block the sunset, so the app would be more effective is I could set a variable for ten minutes before.

Yesterday the sunset was blocked by heavy clouds, so the living room was too dark 40 minutes before sunset. If the app used cloudiness data from WU it might switch the lights on earlier. It does not.

The solar panels on my roof are about as good a measure of available sunlight in real time. I would like to use it.