Link Sense Monitor to LG EnerVu2?

Has anyone successfully linked the Sense monitor to an LG EnerVu2 solar system. The LG EnerVu2 application is asking for my Sense Monitor’s serial number. When I enter it the LG application claims it’s not registered to the Sense Service.

No idea whether the LG server is reaching out to Sense or how else it makes that determination. My goal is to be able to see consumption measured by Sense in the LG application.

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There’s an announced integration between LG and Sense, but I would suspect that setting it up is in the hands of the solar installers.

Hi Kevin,

While the LG application is extremely limited for the owner of LG panels in what you can do it does have the option to either connect with a smart meter (unfortunately my utility provider Edison doesn’t support that yet) or to a Sense Monitor.

So I assume that I don’t need the professional LG account or an installer to get this done. There is no reason LG would place that dialog onto the system section of their Web interface.

Hope someone has done this already. Maybe Sense needs to complete the signal check before it is valid with its serial number?

I don’t know enough about the LG integration, but I do know that LG is a Sense Pro partner and that Pro Partner installers have access to a more sophisticated app than end-users .

But it might also be as simple as making it through signal check, because your Sense really doesn’t start “producing” valid data until after that.

I would recommend reaching out to our Support team about this - once you do, let me know and I’ll surface your ticket to our partner team that should be able to get this in the right hands.

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I did and they enabled something in the Sense application to where an option was added to opt in for data sharing with LG. Once I selected that option the connection worked and now LG shows the Sense consumption data.