Link to this Forum on App


It would be nice to have a link to this forum built into the app. That way, more people could find self-support rather than emailing Sense on something that has been answered already in the forum.


I completely agree. I had wondered if anything like a forum existed (and almost sent an email to suggest it) until the most recent email update came around with a link included. We could be missing a decent user base, now and in the future, without it being integrated.


You can currently save the web page on an iOS device for quick access.
But a link in the app would be far better, I agree.


Thanks for bumping this (and for the initial suggestion).

We’ve started including a small card in new monitor packaging, with some tips and a forum shoutout. That being said, we’d definitely like to improve customers’ access to resources, and this is a great way to do that.