Marine use

Does anyone have Sense installed on a boat? Any observations if so? I am thinking this could be useful for the power quality monitoring feature, and for alerting on a few things.

Interesting question. I thought about it for my RV. However everything except for my microwave and AC runs of 12 volts. Those other 2 items run on shore power or Genny at 120 V. I do not think it would work. I am sure someone will pipe in and provide their thoughts. I did see a Marine/RV power monitor somewhere. I will see if I can find it

@pswired are you starting over/beginning a nautical lifestyle?

Not starting over, but potentially adding!

A boat is similar to an RV Electrically. One hopefully floats the other doesn’t.
Few issues with Sense. The biggest the need for constant Wi-Fi connection.
The other being all the 12vt devices. When hooked up to shore power they all run off an inverter.
I doubt much if anything would be detected.

There are quite a few boat monitoring devices out there. Most are quite expensive and have a ton of other features from bilge alarms, GPS tracking, engine starts, fuel consumption, door alarms, etc… Most all include basic power consumption battery or shore. A couple have the ability to monitor individual circuits such as a fridge.

If your looking to strictly monitor battery or shore power consumption and quality there are cheap plug in type devices for that. Some have Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity. Not sure if there are any devices that can monitor both battery & shore but I’d bet something it out there.