Multiple detection with same name


I have a hand dryer mounted over the doorway of the bathroom that is manually controlled by smart switch.
Used to warm the room, dry hair, beard and body. Works great. (Wife loves it.)
I also have a wall mounted space heater in the spa room.
Whenever either one comes on it is detected and identified as the hand dryer.
They must have a signature that is very much the same. Heating element and fan motor.
The hand dryer is 110 V ac and the wall heater is 220 vac
Can anyone think of a way to detect and name them independently ???


There are things you can do to help the learning process - primarily using the “not on” function (device setttings / manage / report a problem / click “device not on”.

However I’d first shoot an email with this puzzle.

Is the device page getting the power consumption correct for the wall heater when it’s on or displaying a number that’s about half (showing it’s only detecting one side of the 220V)?

Support may, after a little research want you to use “not on” to help it learn about one or the other or delete one or both.

Hope that helps

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