Multiple monitor and 400A support

You may be able to use just one monitor depending on the supply wiring ont he outside of your home.
If you have a single electric meter and the wiring splits at the meter, one Sense often works for both panels. You would have to get an electrician, the electric company or both out to help but definitely worth looking into

I’m a new customer and really think Sense has delivered a great product and solution. I’d like to see this feature sooner than later. Ideally, as customers we each should have one account, one or more homes/properties (e.g. vacation home or rentals for some lucky ones) within the account, one or more Sense monitors per home, data per monitor and combined. This is not easy to do but I know it’s very doable.

It would even be better if Sense could enhance the product so that one monitor could support multiple electric boxes with for example extension clamps at one installation location. I don’t know if this is possible technically but I think that would be superb.


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Here’s an example of one of the multi-panel complexities I raised earlier. Plenty of SW changes needed to allocate smartplugs to specific panels. Not as simple as aggregating between them.

BTW - I also have an interesting Hue problem. I segmented all my Sense related hardware (Sense, smartplugs) onto a separate IoT subnet, to hopefully reduce broadcast noise and congestion on my main network. Turns out that that the Hue is solely a wired device, and because of my current networking limitations, I can’t put wired devices on my “guest” IoT network (WiFi only). That means Sense can’t currently see my Hue…

I’ll throw my vote in here too. I have a 400A service and want to track both 200A services together without having two accounts and without any hackery like splicing CTs or rigging it up on the meter side of my box (which my electric co won’t allow). Had to upgrade to a 400A for our EV and I suspect there’s a huge overlap in EV and Sense customers. Hopefully you guys can make this happen soon! I’m loving everything else about the device and reporting so far.


I also vote for multiple units on one account. I have a couple houses in different locations and even a basic switch views on one account would be a big step forward. Aggregating data is less important for me.


I am new to Sense and I am loving being able to track my electrical usage. I also have 400 Amp service with 2 panels. I currently have 1 Sense monitor and just added the solar to track my solar production. I want to start monitoring the other panel and give it time to detect devices. I understand that the only approved solution to monitor the other panel is for a second Sense monitor with another email account. I am okay with that for the temporary solution until the two monitors can be combined to one account.

My concerns / questions:
If there is a software upgrade that allows for the two monitors to be merged to one account - will we loose all of the historical data and the device detection?
If it is a hardware change to allow for multiple CTs, are we out the investment we made to purchase multiple Sense monitors?


First, welcome to the forum!

I fear my answer to your questions will be somewhat unsatisfactory. We just can’t really predict that in advance. I can say that we’ll do everything possible to disrupt your Sense experience as little as possible, which would mean avoiding data loss and additional costs.

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Looking to combine two 200 amp panels as well. Any possibility?


I have three 200 amp panels and have been asking for this feature since day one, which for me was December 2016. With so many people willing to immediately purchase additional Sense units if the data could be aggregated into a single account, it’s truly head-scratching that this hasn’t been prioritized over “improved device detection.” IMO the current device detection is good enough. It’s more important to have visibility into usage across the whole home vs just part of it. Having been through multiple similar SaaS data aggregation and account consolidation projects in my career, this is not that hard, especially compared to the work that’s already been done. You guys need to prioritize this feature and execute!


I have a 400A service with two 200A panels. I have been able to sidestep the issue by putting CTs on the pre-meter mains. But if I wasn’t able to do this, I would use two units and simply combine them via export for now… Too much good info not to do it immediately.


Unfortunately I’m not able to do that with my setup, for the reasons others have mentioned. You might be able to get away with manually combining data from 2 accounts, but most users don’t have time to spend on this, nor should they have to.


This just doesn’t hold true for the majority of our userbase, who already have visibility into their entire home. Still, 400A is becoming more popular and we still do plan to support it in time, but it is not immediately around the corner when other, more urgent features (both new and existing) need the resources. In the meantime, there are hacks as @kevin1 and @ixu have noted, that can help a fair amount of people with 400A service. You can read more how we prioritize features here: Using the Product Wishlist forum

I feel that we make it quite clear upfront that Sense is not compatible with 400A service. If you (or anyone else) has suggestions on how we can do a better job of this, I’m all ears. If someone purchases, expecting 400A support, they can always return within 60 days for their money back.


Seems to be the flavor of the month …


This topic has been discussed at length and we’re aware of the importance of this feature(s) to the users posting in this thread. If you haven’t done so already, please ‘Like’ this thread if you want to see this feature built. It is not on our immediate roadmap, but I will update this thread if and when this changes.

In the meantime, @kevin1 has graciously put together some instructions for manual aggregation in Excel. Check those out here.

In addition, while it’s not a recommended install, many 400A users have had luck installing Sense before the utility splits into separate 200A panels. Our CTs are only rated to 200A, so if your usage exceeds 200A, you will likely see clipped readings in the Sense app. Contact your local electrician and, likely, your utility company to see if this is possible for your home.


I am still waiting for Sense to provide the ability to monitor the two 200-amp service feeds I have in my home on a single account. I currently have two Sense devices and two accounts, which is a pain and does not give me a true accounting of my home’s electrical use.

My latest issue with this setup is incorporation of HS110 smart plugs.If I enable the TP-Link integration on both accounts, all of the plugs appear in both accounts. Has anyone found a workaround like deleting specific integrated devices from one account or the other if I know which 200-amp service is supporting them?

Please, please Sense - allow for the merging of two devices. I’ve been begging for two years.


I’ve also been waiting for a long time for the ability to merge readings. I have two panels in my house with a Sense unit on each. I also have a barn with its own meter that I’d like to add a Sense to. I also have a Shop building that also has its own power meter, and Solar has just been activated into that meter; I’d of course like to install Sense on that. I’m not going to do any more Sense installs until I can see everything together vs signing into 4 different accounts.


Add me to the list of people waiting to buy a 2nd sense monitor until you’ve figured out how to link them onto the same account. Just too much of a PITA right now to think about 2 separate accounts just for the sake of monitoring my house with 2 x 200 amp circuits.

A friend of mine is building a house with 3 x 200 amp panels and another 200 amp panel in a shop building. He’s very interested in Sense as well, but once he heard that each panel would need its own monitor and its own account, he shot the idea down.


I’ve never posted but have had 3 sense devices installed for a couple of years now on 3-200 amp panels. I know someone else that also has 3 but doesn’t post. I just want to also put my vote in for combined data. I have 3 accounts I have to switch between to look at all my data. Would be nice to merge as many people have stated. Thanks