Multiple monitor and 400A support

It appears that different areas of the country have different electrical code requirements. For residential split phase wiring, we follow the code shown above for ‘Single Phase Line’. Leave the blue tape on your wire since that follows your local electrical codes.

Very strange. I’ve only ever seen red as the official L2 color for 120/240 split phase.

I’m getting a great education on panel wiring codes from you guys !

@kevin1 We get a great education on ‘data analyzes’ from you! We should meet once a year for a user group meeting that holds different conferences on all the topics that make the SENSE APP work. (Or maybe someone could just start a Wiki page for SENSE where you can search for information without having to read all the community user forum posts.)


Lol. We should have a meetup.


I would suggest they could do both. I mean HOW Hard is it to have a single login account that can see 2 boxes ? Its communications 101

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You have been saying the same thing on these posts for almost 18 months. I CALL BS already

I suggest reading the last link I posted in the my post you’re replying to (Using the Product Wishlist forum). There are a lot of factors that feed how we allocate dev resources. Multi-monitor/multi-panel support remains on our roadmap.

Not just comms 101 if you think about secondary effects:

  • multiple configurations of dual panels, especially with solar. Plus how to handle more than 2 on a single account ? More configuration possibilities.
  • Integrations - associating smartplugs, Hues, plus NDI detected devices with specific panels, plus all the ugly comms/WiFi issues that come with that.
  • Legacy data issues - how does one port their data history to the new configuration with a combined account. Or are they forced to let previous history disappear in a reset ?

You might say none of these matter, but I’m betting folks would expect all those possibilities and others to work.

BTW - I want to see dual panel support under a single login as well. I have 400A service with solar, and two downstream 200A subs. Fortunately I’m able to tap into the 400A panel and the sub with the solar backfeed for my Sense today. But I would want the dual panel someday for better granularity and hopefully better identification.

Thank You for the voice of eeason @ben
Nowhere does sense claim to support more than 200 amp service.
My disappointments have been the claims of what it will do but doesn’t do or do well.
Get the basics down first.

And I can point to posts from 2017 that say the Same thing. Roadmap means nothing

Even if I had to switch panels on a. Single email or account. Step 1. Step 2 is to combine numbers. There is zero reason I have to have 2 accounts to see 2 panels. Make an option. Panel 1. Then Panel 2. Even that would be
better than what we have now

To be honest, I don’t really care about the discovery stuff. It’s great when it works but it’s only nailed a few things in my house since installation.

What’s most important is seeing whole house power usage on one screen with a single login. The only way to do this now is with 2 different browsers open at the same time on a computer. Works but not ideal.

Maybe give people the option to have 1 account with 2 meters and for now device discovery is turned off. That seems the be one of the biggest hurdles and I can live without that feature if I can login into 1 app and see all my homes usage.

How about that?

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I’m in the same situation, with 3x200A panels., and like you am waiting to be able to aggregate the data from multiple monitors into a single account before purchasing additional monitors.

I’m a bit confused as to why this appears to be a complicated feature to provide, and it the highest requested new feature, so I would expect it to be a high priority.

Perhaps we are thinking about this problem differently. I do not see it as a hardware/electrical issue (which is more complex), but as a software data aggregation problem. If multiple monitors were able to register and upload their data (including monitor, and timestamp) to the same account, I believe then the data processing is to aggregate the total, and always on from each monitor to provide a whole house view. All individual devices remain the same. When a device registers itself it could register as ‘panel 1’, ‘panel 2’, etc. (user defined) it’s data uploaded is tagged with which panel (i.e. monitor) it came from. The software should then be able to provide a combined view of all devices, as well as an aggregation of the ‘current’, ‘always on’, and ‘other’ which could be viewed at either the monitor/panel, or account/house levels.

In this way you would be able to view individual devices the same as today, panel/monitor aggregation, and account/house/group aggregation.

What am I missing?


I gave a couple of complexities, beyond what you are assuming, in a post above.

I have seen several people on various threads asking for dual monitor support for non-parallel panels (one feeds the other), often with solar on the sub. Add a third panel in and it can even become more complex.

The integrations with smartplugs and Hue become tougher as well, expecially if you want each device associated with a specific panel.

Other subtleties as well - what to do with Always On / Other calculation. Would you want to see individual panel summaries or just one aggregated output ?

I agree that the simplest implementation would be relatively straightforward, but my gut tells me that most multipanel users would want all the functionality that single panel users have.

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Please see my prior post. At first, I’d be fine with seeing both panels combined so I can see total usage from one account. Other functionality can be added over time if possible.

Auto discovery, etc are all cool features but the main reason I purchased this product was to be able to monitor usage. A two app process sucks to accomplish this. If I want to know what an AC is using for power the I can power cycle.

Why not create a “usage meter only” app that works with multiple meters. Keep it simple for now and don’t piss people off with one panel. Then make everyone with multiple panels happy.


Tough problems are best solved incrementally. Value could be provided today with a simple method to switch between one or more accounts. Tomorrow provide a way to link additional devices to a single account.
Deliver us more functionality to scale devices on a regular cadence based upon feedback. Waiting 2 years and not delivering any solution because it’s a complex problem isn’t the path to success.


I would personally appreciate answers that are less vague and scripted. To get details about “complexities” from community members rather than the sense team is a little annoying.

I would envision the ability to select ‘views’ based upon the monitor, or a ‘Whole house’ view which aggregates the data for all monitors registered with this account. So when viewing the ‘Basement panel’ I would see the data reported by that monitor, including it’s ‘other’ and ‘always on’. When viewing ‘Whole house’ I would see data reported by all monitors registered with this account. ‘Other’ and 'always don’t would be aggregates of those from all monitors.

I don’t see how devices such as Phillips hue changes anything, as a device should only be reported by a single monitor. That is where the electrical usage goes to (that monitor/panel).

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