Multiple monitor and 400A support

All good suggestions. But a few complexities:

  • what options / switches are needed to handle non parallel panels (3-4 folks have asked) ? Here I’m assuming each panel would retain it’s own solar option, so all panels could still be backfed solar on a per panel basis.
  • how would you associate smartplugs and Hue with specific panels. Today the Sense monitor sends out a broadcast to all Hues/smartplugs on the same network, and they all respond back with info. With multiple monitors on the same network, there needs to be a way to associate each with a specific panel. Or put each Sense monitor and associated plugs on their own subnet (cumbersome)
  • since Sense sends a lot of up data, there might also be a need to predictably interlace uploads to avoid too much upstream congestion.

I would love to see something like this!

That would be a start.

I have been waiting to be able to combine 2 sense units into one DISPLAY. I’m not interested in exporting and combining, I just want to see on one application the results from my home, shop and separate panel for office/well pump/furnace. It’s now late March 2019. I’ll read theses posts and when the improvements are available I buy the necessary equipment or at the end of the year my unit will be available for a penny-on-the-dollar price. Thank you.

Can we get a reply from Sense on this? The product is great and it seems between this forum and others this is a feature that should be addressed and not on some wish list. Create a dumb down app for people that just want to monitor energy on their entire home. If you want to figure out and know what devices are on and off and what they use, then use the current app with as many accounts you need to accomplish that.

Come on Sense, can we get a real non-boilerplate response with some information that we can all look forward to?

I wonder how many people could be using one monitor but are using two because of having multiple panels. A lot of the 400 or more amperage installs I see around here could easily be setup and monitored right after the meter. Copper wiring is key as the smaller diameter would allow 2 wires through the CT clamp. Unless you ha e more than one meter I just do t see why there is a need for 2.

I’ve replied upstream in this thread quite a few times, including just a couple of months ago. There isn’t any news beyond what was stated then.

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This discussion reminds me of a similar situation with another product (Navdy vehicle HUD), where users were begging for some pretty foundational functionality to be developed via the user forum. A representative from the company would periodically come on the forum and assure everyone that it was a high priority, but it “was complicated” and they were working on it. Fast forward two years, the company went bankrupt and left everyone holding basically worthless hardware. Now, I’m not suggesting that Sense is, in any way, in any financial difficulty but I really do have to wonder why, if something is the single most requested feature and has been so for years, they cannot devote the resources required to solve the problem? As pointed out, simply being able to look at two devices with one login and being able to sum usage would go a long way toward addressing users’ concerns. So Ryan, I’m not trying to be antagonistic but the canned reply that you “don’t commit to firm dates” has worn old, If Sense has any intention of addressing this issue - the single highest-requested fix - then put a timeline to it.

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While I agree that this should be on the map and hope will come to be at some point in time, the original product design is mainly about device detection. Should they have thought this out better from the beginning with so many home having over 200 amp service? Absolutely! Keep in mind that there are people using a single monitor for 400 amp service (if that’s what you are needing it for).
I personally wasn’t too happy about all the effort that went into EV detection (I don’t have one) and felt that they should have put that effort into the everyday devices everyone has, so with EV’s now being detected, they do listen.
The fact is that they never said this was going to be a possibility upfront and we bought into the product presented this way.
If you have multiple panels, have you explored the possibility of mounting the CT’s at the meter and before both panels?
BTW, I’ve been as big a critic as anyone else but I’m still stuck on the things it hasnt detected that should have been.

We get the frustration, but keep in mind that this Product Wishlist category is not the only avenue from which we receive feature requests. I would disagree that this is the “single most requested feature.” Ostensibly, on this page it is, but if you comb the forum, reviews, in-app feedback, surveys, and our Support tickets, you’ll get a different perspective. The single most requested feature, by a very wide margin, is improved device detection. That remains our #1 priority and updates in that core area take priority over all others. Beyond device detection, the next biggest pain point is consistent connectivity and we’re working on some important updates on that front. And beyond that, we receive a veritable ton of feedback requesting more features around the general functionality that Sense could provide to help users save energy, which is a broad topic but one we have several ideas on how to address that we are working on.

We understand that for users that have 2 Sense monitors or 400A service, this is a glaring feature missing, but the reality is that the majority of households in the US (and amongst Sense users) are 200A. Indeed, this is changing as EVs become more and more popular, but remains true at this time. We absolutely do plan on helping address this, I want to make that clear, but my only point is that this gets stacked up with other important, though perhaps less obviously visible, requests.


I will observe that the feedback avenues you mention are limited to current customer feedback. The dual-panel feature request has an additional consideration: it completely locks out a class of new customers from becoming a part of the Sense ecosystem. I’m sure there are other feature prioritization mechanisms in place that take this into account, but it’s worth mentioning here that there are some additional factors in play that skew the importance of this request.

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This summary of what the development priorities are for Sense is useful. I’d suggest providing it regularly in a more visible form, e.g. as a “monthly update” on the product wishlist forum or something like that. (Or if it exists already and I have missed it, let me know).

I really wish that those using a single Sense monitor for over 200 amp or multiple panel service would post pictures of their setup.
I feel there are many people that could use just one but don’t realize it. If someone has a single electric meter for billing then the chances are really good that there is not a need for dual Sense monitors.
There may be some modifications needed like changing from aluminum wire to copper so the CT’s will fit around the wires or getting an electrician, the electric company or both out to mak some small changes for this to happen.
If you do have 400amp service and are paying for two electric meters or separate bills for the same residence, find another electrician, the last one didn’t do you any favors.

I’ve seen a couple 400A Sense installs on the forum:

Plus a few installs where there were multiple subpanels that all traced back to one main for a single Sense install.


I purchased and install two sense units in February, as that seemed to be the recommended way to go for 400 Amp service. I must say the experience has been clumsy, but I’ve attempted to muddle through it.

Logging into my ipad on one account, and my phone on another when trying to track down device usage sort of works but is also not ideal. Doing any type of analysis is an exercise in frustration, but again if you really want to do it your can.

Today, I added a couple of the HS110 units to help me track down some of the always on, but now they are showing up on both of the Sense units as usage so that’s clearly not correct. Maybe, I can turn off networking on one of the panels and just use these on the one circuit. Or I could install two separate wifi networks that correspond with the circuits in the house. Again, these seem like a promising way to get a better grasp on your system but not so useful if you have 400AMP service.

Overall, I want to like the devices, and they seems like they hold a lot of promise, but for those of us users out there with 400AMP service the experience is is definitely not something I would recommend.

+1 on some better support/configuration for 400AMP service.



You may be able to use just one monitor depending on the supply wiring ont he outside of your home.
If you have a single electric meter and the wiring splits at the meter, one Sense often works for both panels. You would have to get an electrician, the electric company or both out to help but definitely worth looking into

I’m a new customer and really think Sense has delivered a great product and solution. I’d like to see this feature sooner than later. Ideally, as customers we each should have one account, one or more homes/properties (e.g. vacation home or rentals for some lucky ones) within the account, one or more Sense monitors per home, data per monitor and combined. This is not easy to do but I know it’s very doable.

It would even be better if Sense could enhance the product so that one monitor could support multiple electric boxes with for example extension clamps at one installation location. I don’t know if this is possible technically but I think that would be superb.

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Here’s an example of one of the multi-panel complexities I raised earlier. Plenty of SW changes needed to allocate smartplugs to specific panels. Not as simple as aggregating between them.

BTW - I also have an interesting Hue problem. I segmented all my Sense related hardware (Sense, smartplugs) onto a separate IoT subnet, to hopefully reduce broadcast noise and congestion on my main network. Turns out that that the Hue is solely a wired device, and because of my current networking limitations, I can’t put wired devices on my “guest” IoT network (WiFi only). That means Sense can’t currently see my Hue…

I’ll throw my vote in here too. I have a 400A service and want to track both 200A services together without having two accounts and without any hackery like splicing CTs or rigging it up on the meter side of my box (which my electric co won’t allow). Had to upgrade to a 400A for our EV and I suspect there’s a huge overlap in EV and Sense customers. Hopefully you guys can make this happen soon! I’m loving everything else about the device and reporting so far.


I also vote for multiple units on one account. I have a couple houses in different locations and even a basic switch views on one account would be a big step forward. Aggregating data is less important for me.