Need Device Identify mode

I’ve made related comments in a previous post, but Sense has been installed about a month, found only 2 devices and they come and go in the monitor. I’ve made tours around the house with tab in hand turning devices on and off in a controlled pattern, so that Sense could watch one device at a time. I started thinking about it using my own experience as a systems analyst and software developer, what would be my approach? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the knowledge and experience of developing such a product. I don’t know what’s recorded to determine what the device is, When I’m doing the tour I know the device, at least to me; a light, TV, coffee, micro, etc., which would be identified on the +wattage and confirmed on the -wattage. The always “on” may be challenging, but could done. The signature maps in may house may be different that someone else’s, but would expect them to be similar, that get sent to the Sense cloud for analysis, yet my devices have their signature. Going into Ident mode again and touring would confirm devices and add some new ones. Sure there’s some effort, technology and automation require a human jumpstart; robots and CNC machines, etc. need programming.

Thanks and enjoy!!

Thanks for the input. I think this would be useful to read:

During my tour the house is quite, as I check devices they show the same +/- wattage on the monitor with a few watts. On the + ask the name and the - confirm the name, there’s at least another tag on that recording. The only device discovered is my floor heater; it’s on and off every 10-15 minutes 24/7. Found one frig but forgets it for awhile. Have a several low watt items that I haven’t even thought of chasing until we can identify the big ones. Wish I understood what’s going on inside the wire, even in my 2experience parsing data can be a challenge.

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