Net usage for solar installs

It would be really nice if the real time “NOW” display would show the NET usage. Having just the total usage and solar generation is nice but having it do the simple calculation to show to the NET would be really nice!!


Thanks for the suggestion @austxchris. This is definitely something we’d like to add in the future!

I would like this too! Self Consumption is what it is commonly called.

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I would also love this. I think I even said so in a report from the app.

This is something we are working on for sure. It’d be very helpful to have that figure right there. Can I ask where you would like to see it?

In it own tab. Have it set up for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and life time.


Agreed. What would really be nice if I could see my net usage by hour of the day cumulative. This would go a long way towards my being able to back into my time of day pricing plan. I also would think it’d be interesting to know that “wow, I use a lot of electricity between 6-8pm. Wonder why?” types of things.

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I agree. I’d also say put it on the meter too, but I’m not sure how that’d work space wise. Maybe a toggle option to see net usage vs seperate solar/usage numbers? Just a random idea.


I agree with this feature request! Show net usage or self-consumption whoever you want to call it.

Just a thought… would be good to have display of several key measures:

  1. Total Solar Production
  2. Total Energy Consumption (Solar and Utility)
  3. Total Exported to Utility
  4. Net to/from Utility

Some of us are with utilities that “true-up” billing annually, others monthly, so it would be good to have a way to update the display based on the true-up schedule.


An isolated solar production graph in the Solar Power Meter section would be nice (similar to what is displayed per individual device).


Any update on this? like timeframe or beta or anything… this feature for a solar device should have been included by now

+1 must have feature. Tesla app has done it nice way so that you can actually see animated energy flow. It also has this data by day/week/month 180317-powerflow1


I think it must go under Solar tab. Tesla has done it in the Power Flow tab. In case of Sense it wouldn’t make sense adding new tab unless you have EV and battery storage.


definitely in the power graph under the solar tab have original view and self consumption view.

I have been wondering about when/how Sense will add support for battery storage. It would have to be separately measured like solar generation. I mention this here because of the impact on self consumption of solar generation.

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Sense would definitely need another set of CTs to measure flow in and out of the battery to keep the accounting correct. But I’m not sure Sense can add another set of CTs to the existing hardware - I think most of the Sense monitors sampling bandwidth is already in use. 4M samples per second sounds like a lot, but not if you try to split sampling accross 8 different measurements (or 12 if you add a split phase battery).

There are a couple of places I would like to see Net Solar/Usage.

On Trends>Usage, add a line between Usage and Solar that indicates either a positive number for Usage (from grid, in black color) or a a negative number for Solar (to grid, in Solar orange color). Alternatively, the Net line could be below Solar and above the first device. (BTW, the Solar line should be in orange like it is on Solar>Usage detail.)

On the Solar tab, the Usage box has a Production summary value. Just below that can be the Net Consumption value, where positive is grid consumption in black color and negative is grid upload in Solar orange color. The Solar>Usage details view would match the Trends>Usage details suggested previously.



Here is something that really would be nice, add to the display the Differential reading between consumption and solar production. If total consumption is more than solar production then show the third display value as a negative and if solar production is greater than consumption then show the third display as a positive value. You could have the numbers turn red or green maybe. The two displays now are just the consumption total and the solar production so add a third that shows the Differential. Now that would be nice and very easy to add.

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I was coming here to request the same feature… Even if just a third display at the bottom between Solar and Home usage that displays how much above what you are consuming (usage-solar=) But ideally it would be nice to keep track of net gain per billing cycle like you do with the consumption portion.

I’m almost ready to try something else just because this is missing… I love sense but also love single pane management, I don’t want 2+ apps to manage my home energy. I’m sure solar installers/users would love sense just for that part of it… Not even really using the device recognition features.

I’m looking into this:
maybe you guys can get inspired with some of their solar features? :slight_smile:

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