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New to Sense, having some trouble trying to locate devices being found by Sense though!

Welcome ! If Sense is detecting them, but you can’t figure out what the detected devices are, here’s a good starting point on how to trace:

Thanks, why can’t I start a post yet? Is there a post # requirement?

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Hi, I’m Jim from CT, with the highest electric rates in the contiguous USA. Hope to get some answers here.

Hey Jim! Welcome to the Sense community. I’m over in Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.
Looking forward to seeing you around the forums.

Thanks Justin.

Hello, my name is Jorge Encarnación from the Dominican Republic, we have the same electrical system that the United States works with the same standard. I hope to learn a lot here with all of you :slight_smile:


Hey Ryan, looking forward to following you and sense!

@joesantanapersonal Welcome to the Sense community! @RyanAtSense has actually moved on to our Product team, so I’ll be your contact here in the community moving forward. Don’t hesitate to reach out :slight_smile: .

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Hello All…

I’m Alan. I’m originally from the UK, but an expat who usually resides in Shanghai China. Due to the very unusual circumstances we are faced with I’m living at my home in the Philippines. We built this compact 3 bedroom house just as a place to stop when visiting my wife’s family from time to time. I’ve been here since Jan 24, 5 months and luckily have been able to work from home. I work as a Business Consultant for a leading engineering software company that specializes in providing a collaborative platform for engineers. I focus particularly on transport and mobility industries. Hobbies include playing keyboards (have a couple of Korg Kronos in storage in shanghai, Korg Kross in the Philippines to keep my hand in) geeking around with tech, flying my drone Mavic Pro, traveling and exploring different cultures.

Just installed my sense at our place in the Philippines. Didn’t pay enough attention to realize these devices are intended for the US so had a few teething problems hooking up to a single phase 220v 60Hz supply. All seems good now. Have a backup generator 5Kw which is the main reason why I wanted the sense to know how much power we typically use throughout the day to know what the generator could handle when we have black outs. Haven’t tested yet but hoping the sense can also monitor the power drawn when using the generator to avoid tripping the breaker when the powers off.

Hello, my name is Matt and I live in the Southern New England area. I just installed my first Sense monitor yesterday (July 1st, 2020). By day I work as an Electrical Design Engineer for a sensor company. While we have a vast portfolio of products and customers, we mainly serve sensors (mostly pressure sensors but others as well) for the automotive and HVOR markets. Our internal joke is that we’re the “biggest company no ones ever heard of”, as most people utilize our products daily in all aspects of their life without knowing it.

I became interested in having a Sense device when I saw my electricity bill for an apartment I recently moved into jump from around $60 to over $200 between the months of May vs June. Besides the obvious contribution of having started using the air conditioning in June, I realized that I was blind to where electricity was being used within my home.

I’m fairly new to “Smart Home” devices, but I did install an ecobee5 Smart Thermostat w/ 4x ecobee SmartSensors a few weeks back. I also have a ‘smart’ alarm system (IMO it’s not overly “smart” but it can be controlled remotely via web / iOS app, has geo-fencing, etc.). Hoping to get into some smart plugs and bulbs soon, and maybe even a smart lock.

If the Sense team feels that my technical background could offer value as an alpha/beta tester, please feel free to contact me. I have an eagerness to contribute and help improve this energy monitoring technology. I look forward to learning from this community.


Greetings all, My name is George, and I live on the West Coast of Florida, USA. I bought a sense to monitor my power and back-up generator. Its being a little sticky on the generator side, but the main utility power is reading and populating well. I sent a ticket in to see if they can help with the generator side, in the meanwhile, I’ll read through here to see if someone else has worked out this problem.

Hi, I’m Jake located in SE Virginia.

Been interested in Sense for a bit after I saw it spotlighted on Undecided a few months back, finally remembered to pull the trigger recently when he interviewed Mike last week and got it installed yesterday.

We’re in the process of getting solar quotes so one of the big things I’m looking for is a handle on my usage and what goes into it. Had a bit of fun getting it in as I have a recessed panel that’s drywalled over as well, pesky antenna.

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Hey there @jditoro3! Welcome to the community. I’m Justin, the Community Manager. I actually helped arrange that interview with Mike and Matt, glad you enjoyed it. You’re joining the Sense community during an exciting time. We’re looking forward to having you!

Gary here. I have a 7kW solar system, but the monitoring system was not accurate, and could not recognize the newer panels I added late last year. Therefore, the information was nearly useless, so I have been tacking production manually since January. I saw this product on Undecided with Matt Ferrell on YouTube, and decided to give it a try. Today is the first day.

I see the solar production in real time, but no power usage. I know it takes a few days to discover the devices, but shouldn’t the general usage show? It did show a small usage amount early this morning before solar production began, but nothing since. No devices discovered yet.

I am into the details of my energy usage (after installing solar) more than I thought I would be, but it’s interesting to watch the solar production change from day to day and season to season.

@ghsch (Gary), Welcome !
If you successfully made it through Sense setup, you should see both Solar Production (yellow) and Total Usage (orange) in the Power Meter view in your app. What does your Power Meter look like ?


Something is not right. Power sent to grid is showing as my usage??? When I switch the main connections around, usage goes to 0. When I switch solar connectors around, solar output goes negative.

App will not let me post screenshots.

Sounds like setup didn’t go right. Check in with They can help you come Monday. But you really shouldn’t be flipping around your CTs after setup.


Thanks for the info. I sent support an email.