Occasional choppiness of the Power Meter graph?

I wonder what to make of the choppiness in this graph up until 22:55.

It seems to come and go. At times, the graph is smooth, as in above after 22:50. Here are a few other screenshots with both smooth and choppy.

Have others observed this? Is it just a noisy device (or devices)? I haven’t noticed yet any pattern of day/time/duration.

Gaming PC or something of the sort? I’ve never seen the power meter show choppiness for no reason.

What does it look like zoomed in further? That’s showing 20 ish min of data at 1/2 second resolution smashed into a small screen.

This. Can you provide some zoomed-in screenshots of both the choppy areas and the flat areas? Keep in mind that you’re also only seeing a half-second resolution. Those flat areas likely look a lot choppier on our end.

I have seen similar choppiness in my home. I’ll look for it and see if I can ID which devices cause it. I vaguely remember seeing it with some of my audio equipment.

Some devices are noisy like that. In my case a treadmill is the best example and looks similar to your plot. Also an induction cooktop and the washing machine, but those are more of a regular waveform on top of a larger value.

Perhaps… we don’t use our gaming systems but I know our renters in the basement use theres. It seems like the choppiness is longer and at times that would be weird for gaming, but I haven’t laid close enough attention.

Here is a 20 minute window centered on the switch from choppy to smooth

Here is the same switch at a 10 minute window

And zoomed in as far as it goes

When I noticed this a few days ago, I think the zoomed in was a lot more choppy than it is here, but I can’t remember what day that was.

I’d say it’s definitely legit, whatever it is. Even the bottom shot you can see a full minute which is a long stretch of time for 1/2 second data.

Looking back through the thread you seem to have plenty of examples occurring in the evening, does this happen when the house and renters are out?

For what it’s worth, this is very similar to what it looks like when my Dell Latitude 2-in-1 laptop with USB-C charger looks like when it is on. It cleans up when it is not on, but still plugged in.

If you had 2 sense monitors then you could clamp the renters breaker if it’s a single breaker feeding a subpanel. Then you could monitor theirs more accurately and just subtract their use from total at the main panel to know your use.

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