On board memory for recording usage


On board memory for recording usage. It be nice if it the power monitoring unit had enough memory on board to record a few days of power usage so that the history is not lost in the event of Wi-Fi outage.


+1. I would assume the SOC SENSE is using has some amount of memory already.

Even cooler - Record to a thumb drive / SD card for after-the-fact processing and offline access (for things like cabins that don’t have any internet access, etc).

I would bet there is already a USB port in the SOC, and maybe even pins on the motherboard. It shouldn’t be too hard to add an external USB port…


Thanks for the suggestion! Right now Sense stores up to 8 hours of data in the event of a Wi-Fi outage.


Hi All, just wanted to update this thread because we have some more specifics about the data buffer for you based on some of our recent testing. Sense can consistently store up to 6 hours of data on its own (not 8 hours as we had mentioned previously) to cover for periodic connectivity issues and the like. It will backfill that data as soon as a solid connection is re-established, however if it has been power cycled during this time (due to a power disruption, or manually flipping the breaker), it won’t be able to backfill that data.

Very sorry for the confusion!