Optical reader for multiple panels

Regarding support for multiple panels and separation:
You guys are probably way ahead of me on this, just a thought. I appreciate the difficulties and complexities in merging signals from multiple panels, accounts etc. etc. Not to mention doing this without having deleterious effects on the people who are happy the way it is. Nonetheless:

I wonder if inserting an optical device is an option. These days, the devices are available to:

  1. Convert all current, voltage,and phase info into an optical.signal.
  2. In the optical mode, you can separate all voltage, current and phase into separate optical channels, modify or “code” every data signal.
  3. Convert back to electrical but now embedded with digital features such that signals from as many sources as you like can be merged into one wire but the easily separated again with your existing device ID techniques.

Nothing novel or proprietary here. Just another suggestion from the peanut gallery.

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I don’t work for Sense, but I’m betting the biggest challenges associated with multi-panel accounts and management are not related to transmitting the data, but rather intelligently managing the data once it gets to the Sense mothership. Looking at some of the feedback on the forum, multi-panel users have different topologies - some are simple parallel subpanels, but some are weird setups like a main panel and a sub-panel with a solar-backfeed, or parallel subpanels with solar feeds on each. All of these need separate and different treatment.

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I see. Thanks for following up!