Phase Coupling

Will the installation of Sense create Phase Coupling for my Insteon Devices?

I have insteon, and while I’m not technically sure, I don’t think the Sense unit participates in rebroadcast of Insteon messages across the legs of the service (nor would I expect it to be participating in any other wireline automation messaging).


I may be wrong but I don’t think Phase Coupling works that way. Insteon says that one way you know you need Phase Coupling is when you turn on a 220v device such as a Dryer and communication issues get better. I assume that any 220v device will work as Phase Coupling when running.

Since Sense is wired to both phases I was hoping it also would work but I don’t know the inner workings of Sense.

I don’t think that Sense has any phase-to-phase circuitry; I suspect that all of its internal circuits are phase-to-neutral, and it just has both phases wired in so that it can measure the voltage in both.

Even if it did have phase-to-phase wiring, the resistance would be so high (drawing ~5 watts vs. 5000 watts for a dryer) that I would be very surprised if a signal made it through to the other phase.

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@Paul2, I’ve heard that as well (although never verified), and I suspect that’s simple bleed-over when you have a load that is actually 220v. To @luterra’s point, my thought was that the sense is likely not powered by both legs (only one) and is exclusively sampling on the second, hence you would almost certainly be diode-filtered or similar and you’d never get a control channel signal going in the other direction on that line.

The entire question seems a little academic, and that’s fine, but are you actually needing phase coupling that’s not happening now? I found that putting a simple receptacle repeater near another insteon dimmer or switch on the other leg of the service does a really good job bridging the legs.


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