Provide a single place for users to get status on all reported issues


Issues are reported by users in this forum and in the Sense apps. There are some issues I can only report using the forum because I want to attach app screenshots (a surprising omission in the app reporting) or other external content (like the charts I’ve been doing on device learning). There needs to be a place where we can see the union of these reports and track their status.

Groveling through my inbox to try and understand the current status of in app reports and though the forum for forum based reports isn’t getting it done. :wink:


Hey Brian,

Thanks for the suggestions. Just to clarify, you’d like an easier way to track your support tickets and the ability to attach screenshots/graphs to your in app support tickets, right?


Correct. Support tickets need to be viewable in a single place to make it easier to track status.



Got it! We’ll definitely look into that.

Thanks for the suggestion.


This was 11 months ago and I still don’t see a ticket tracker.


and @brianmur

Hopefully this news meets you well: