Rating popup getting annoying


Even though I have responded to this survey popup, it continues to pop up.

Rather annoying.



Yikes! That shouldn’t be happening. How often is it popping up? Are you on Android or iOS?


Android. It pops up frequently but not every time I use the app.

I’ll see if I can figure out any cause and effect relationship…


any update on this glitch?

hope everyone at Sense has a happy, healthy new year


Thanks @richr! You as well.

Is this still happening? Was hoping you’d be able to notice a pattern. It’s curious that this is happening frequently because it’s set to at most appear one a month. I’m guessing the pop up is appearing more than that? Could you also send over the version of Android and phone model you’re using? I don’t believe we’ve had other reports of this happening so the more information we have, the better!


Still happening. One I see it, it usually does not reappear for some time, but certainly more than once a month - several times a week at least. I’ll try to keep track of how often I see it.

Google Pixel phone (not Pixel 2).

Android v 8.1.0

Sense app 1.17.3


Exact same setup. I’ve never seen the pop-up.


Pop up occurs several times a day. Changing device orientation (portrait / landscape) while the app is running sometimes seems to trigger it as well.


That would get annoying pretty quick.

I’m of limited use, but have you tried deleting the app and reloading it? The biggest hassle there is having to remember your sign-in credentials.


Yikes! That is a lot. I’ve passed this along to our Android team to look into.