Refrigerators, refrigerant F-gases, energy & CO2

Sense just published a nice blog article regarding refrigerator energy use:

Something I’d like to insert is that the crazy CO2 (greenhouse-gas) equivalency of refrigerator refrigerants (around 1,000-9,000X !) implores you to dispose of old fridges, freezers & AC units with EXTREME care. Whatever you do, don’t let any of the refrigerant get into the wild!

I was recently pointed here:

Is there a chance that Sense will be able to detect refrigerant leak anomalies? Especially if, let’s say, you have a Sense dedicated to an AC unit or other compressor. Maybe even lower resolution data from a smart plug on a fridge is sufficient to detect anomalies? Given what I’ve been reading about refrigerant risks and management, this would seem like a Priority#1 alert!

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