Rotated CT Clamps and now devices aren't being recognized


I went out to shut a breaker off to work on a water heater circuit and noticed the clamp wires were hanging in front of the main. I rotated each of them 45 degrees in opposite directions.

I came back inside and my hot water heater as well as dryer and A/C were running. I opened the app and it appeared everything was lumped under the dryer or other.

Assuming the only way around this is a reset and recalibrate, then I may just rotate them back how they were and hope for the best. Has anyone else ever rotated them with no issues? To be clear, I am not flipping them or changing orientation. I simply rotated the one on the left clockwise by 45 degrees which may have changed the angle, and the right one rotated counterclockwise 45 degrees.


If the devices were running while you were doing the work then Sense would have missed the “On signature”
If Sense doesn’t see it turn on then other is where it lands.
I think I would wait a day or so and see if my previous detection report correctly. If they don’t then I’d contact support as any reset may be a bad choice.
Just my 2 cents