Sense “Compare” off by a mile

So looking at my usage, bill and the Compare tab today and the numbers aren’t lining up.
On the Usage tab, I have about 1900 KWH Used but on Compare it show over 2600.

Usage and my bill are really close as usual but this is the first time I’ve seen a discrepancy this big on the compare tab.
Anyone else experience this?

Which values are you comparing ?

  • Usage - which time period are you using - Bill, Month ??
  • Compare - the value there is wattage so the only Trend Usage value that it might be useful to compare against is the your hourly data in Wh.

The math lines up for me if the 1900kWh is for a 30 day billing period.

1900kWh / (24 hrs/day x 30/days month) = 2639Wh or 2639W

You did make me compare my Sense hourly data against my PG&E/utility data again and I did find a small anomaly on Jan 1, 2020 (orange dots). It looks like the Sense data, just for that day, was coming in at about 1/2 of the correct value. But all the days before and after matched up nearly perfectly… Mysterious…

I was use the bill timeframe at first but then went and individually added the previous 30 days.
I assumed that because the compare tab stayed for the last 30 days, that is what I should do.