Sense Correctly identified Dishwasher but is tagging the Toaster too against that category

So, a week into the install and Sense correctly identified the Dishwasher. it also identified “heat 1” which correlated with the Heating cycle on the dishwasher but to my surprise, this morning, the Toaster which Sense has still not idenfied was tagged as Dishwasher used for 4 minutes.

How does one go about correcting these things? Is it a good practice to just delete the device and let Sense re-identify the devices again?

Two things:

  1. Having real devices showing up as a single Sense device is a common challenge know as device conflation. It’s especially common for heating devices because pure resistive heating doesn’t give up many clues that distinguish between two devices that use roughly the same wattage. Sense tries to make sure a a device is unique (that there aren’t any similar, but not quite the same devices) before making an identification, but sometimes two devices slip through. And sometimes one device (perhaps the toaster) is only used after Sense has found the first device, so Sense never had the chance to fine tune the detection.
  2. You can try deleting the detected device that is doing double duty. You might also want to try to use the toaster a few more times in are row if you haven’t used it frequently to give Sense additional samples before it tries to re-detect the dishwasher. That might give it more information to distinguish the two.

ps: I live with conflation on a regular basis - I have a floor heating loop that is within 20W of my dryer. Both show up as the Dryer in Sense. Haven’t been able to fix, but it doesn’t bother me that much.

Thank you for that information @kevin1
Btw, how long before a device is identified again? I had the refrigerator show up once and then I think the freezer u to in refrigerator showed up as another device but something wasn’t adding up - I deleted both and they haven’t been re-identified. It’s been almost a week.

How long is not entirely predictable. Basically, Sense keeps looking at all on and off transitions until it sees on and off patterns that are unique and can be paired up (on with off). Transitions from new devices or existing devices that start showing changes in their patterns can slow redirection based on what I understand.