Sense Correctly identified Dishwasher but is tagging the Toaster too against that category

@ron111157, not sure I have any good answers on what’s best going forward. First off, based on what I know, I can see how Sense could behave the way you experienced, when confronted with a number of similar resistive loads at different time points. Take a read of my thoughts on Sense operation here if you are interested in more discussion, especially the parts on the “problem with clusters” plus the section on how models improve / change over time.

There are a bunch of behind-the-scenes adjustments in clustering and in model deployment at the Sense mother ship, that can change the connection between device characteristics and detections. But how and when each kind of action is triggered, is a mystery to me. Pretty clear that deleting a device is a trigger for some set of actions, but not sure it sets in motion what you would want. You might want to contact, though you’ll probably need some persistence to work this one through them.