Sense Monitor not tracking

As of a few days ago the monitor stopped tracking, it stays online 24/7 but keeps flashes on/off 0V 0W 63.5Hz on the My Home → Monitor section of the iOS App.

Anyone else experience this or know how to fix it?

Have been tempted to just try factory resetting it but unsure if that will be a better outcome.

Two questions:

  1. Is it showing voltage and mains power some of the the time, or zero all of the time ? I’m suspicions of the 63.1 Hz - that well outside of typical.

  2. Try posting a view of Power Quality from the Sense Labs tab which you can get to on the bottom of the Trends tab. That will give a longer view of your measured L1 and L2 voltages for a day or so earlier. Here’s what a relatively normal Power Quality graph looks like.

Have you already opened a Support ticket for this?

Yes, but they were very slow to respond and figured I would ask the community.

Monitor gives 63.5Hz even with the clamps on or even plugged in.

Typically, Support responds same day. For issues like this, I always recommend letting Support take a look before changing anything. They have the ability to look at your monitor and additional diagnostic tools we don’t have access to on this end.

I was only flicking asking for advice

Did you get a chance to look at the Power Quality graph.

Hi Kevin!

Sorry, I unfortunately got a little desperate and factory reset the unit hoping that doing so it would return to normal but it is doing the same thing.

The power quality graph before resetting showed a flat line since January 13th.

I have replaced the main flex clamps that were used for dedicated circuit monitoring, currently there is no cord plugged into the dedicated circuit/solar port but the unit upon first setup (no matter how many times you reset it) keeps saying there is a device/cord plugged into the 2nd sensor port.

It appears this Sense unit has died/beyond repair, thing I can’t understand is why it happened and it is unfortunate the unit only has a one year warranty.

The sense monitor was connected to a 100amp service main panel with above electrical code grounding/bounding with a whole house surge protector.

Looks like you have a solid install. Assuming the Power Quality was flatlined at 0 ? Were you able to get past “Signal Check” after the reset ? I know that has to get involved when it comes to reseting the solar option so that might be needed any time you removed the flex sensor. Wondering if the issue might be an issue with the continuity of the CT leads/ports ? Have you tried replugging ?

Hi @rd.simar - curious to see what Support had to say about this issue. If there’s an issue with the monitor, we’ll typically send a replacement out.