Sense showing half hour spikes every 12 hours - any ideas how to isolate?

just connected to web site and checking power . power meter showing 1600W spikes for about a half hour at 1:30 AM and PM - every 12 hours.
looking at the NOW tab and scrolling through history shows no sign of devices with elevated usage.

Any idea on how ti identify this?


I would set an alarm for 1:30 on a day that you’ll be home, then, while watching the realtime power graph, flip off circuit breakers one by one until the 1600W load stops. Then continue isolating from there.

I have noticed this happening on my system as well.

Yep - I’ll have to do some more hand on trouble shooting.

It shows up best in the iphone app than in the web app. The iphone app can look at smaller intervals than the web interface.

It’s very interesting - my WEB browser is showing these spikes (every minute or so) while my iPhone app is not showing any spikes during the same period.

The web app and my droid app show very different data most of the time. Also, the web app seems to lag the cell phone apps in both features and bug fixes. I find the Droid app to be by far the most accurate representation, which is frustrating because it’s got such a tiny screen.

Based on some detective work, I think this may be my dishwasher (?).

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