Sense stopped registering my solar?

Thank you everyone for alerting us to this issue. I just passed this information on to our team. Will update you all as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience!

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Hi all,
Writing in here with an after-hours post to say that, yes, there is an issue with the Solar display not showing up correctly. Production is working, and there isn’t an actual problem with the Sense itself, but rather, the app is not displaying as expected in the Dashboard and Solar tabs and at

Shoutout to @dannyterhaar for the screenshots that helped us be able to find some possible causes of this issue. I don’t want to do much hypothesizing about the issue here, but the before and after provided some helpful info.

I’ll write back here when I get more info, and if you put in a ticket, you’ll hear there, too.


Uh oh. New user with new solar setup here. I DIYed the sense setup three hours back. There is home energy usage showing up in my app but nothing related to solar. I am not even seeing solar symbol anywhere in app. I checked my sense connections in the panel again to make sure and it looks fine. Then I spent two hours on internet trying to find the issue. Nothing helped. Finally, saw this community and this message. I am hoping that once this resolves, the app will start showing solar data.

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Confirming this is a display only problem in the web app and the iOS app (don’t have Android so cannot confirm that). My home assistant, which relies on the sense API is reporting everything correctly.


Just wanted to confirm that this is happening on the Android app as well.

It is happening on Android, iOS, and Web. But should only be a failure to display correctly

If you have not already, I recommend filing a support ticket:

You can then send me a private message once you have or if you have filed one already with the email you submitted it with and I can look into who is helping you with this.



@JamesDrewAtSense doenst work for me either, it looks like its quite wide spread, curious its not listed on and there doesnt seem to be any urgency behind the fix. Regardless of it only being a display issue as the backend is capturing the data properly it still makes sense quite unusable for those of us with solar as we cant see the data.



Thanks for your reply. While I know this could be argued as semantics, this issue is a bug and not really of the normal “outage” variety that gets listed on the status page.
With that said, I can assure you there is a priority in getting this fixed, and we are working on it as I speak.

If you wish to view your data at this time. You can view your data here by downloading a CSV:

Granted, it will only be a static representation of your solar, but it may be helpful if you need to view your data.

Thanks again!


So all the solar trend data is there, just not displayed.

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When I made the initial posting, I was still able to see solar from the day before.
Later the same day all PV generation from before the current day was gone.
That might be lead to what happened

Mine is working again.


We could argue semantics, but look at it as a customer, something major in the system is not working, nothing on the status page indicating an issue. I dont care if its a bug or not, its still impacting customers ability to use the product properly as designed hence an outage, now the root cause of said outage may be due to a bug, but its still an outage

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danderson, fwiw, I think their systems were working, and the monitoring page seems to display systems. What was wrong was a bug, and for my organization, we would represent that as a ‘major incident’ and expose major incidents on the same page as system information. Not sure if that would solve what you are talking about. I am personally glad that their systems did not go down, even though I would have appreciated knowing they were aware of a large scale ‘major incident’ affecting some readings.


@s002axb ,

You’re highlighting an interesting challenge. This particular problem was an “app issue” as opposed to an operational issue in the cloud data collection and analysis systems. is built to show the status of the data collection and analysis systems. But it would be nice to have widespread app issues be flagged there as well.

exactly, its a major incident with rca due to bug, what you suggested is exactly what I meant and would classify it the same.

If a customer cant see/use the product its still an outage, regardless if the collection part was fine.

I also think as @kevin1 stated their status page is just not reflecting all aspects of their product, and only cover collection and analysis , I would say they need to add the application layer in it as well.


Hi all,

The solar graph display issue that waa reported here has been resolved. It was a simple display issue that should not have affected your data.
The issue was resolved on Friday, September 29, 2023, at around 3 PM Eastern Daylight time.
I first became aware of the issue on Thursday, September 28, 2023, and it may have affected users as early as the day before. Since the issue was resolved fairly quickly, you should have only been affected for a short period of time.

Thanks again for your patience have a great rest of the day!


Also, I just wanted you to know with the “outages” page, I hear you, and I will suggest this feedback and see what we can do. We have several systems to handle these issues in different places - including here.

I’ll advocate for you @danderson, and others. I appreciate the concern and would be glad to see what I can do with it. Please note, though, that it’s not just me who makes these decisions!

Thanks again! I’m always glad to help.


Moment I posted about:
09/28 8:00
moment you posted it was solved in my time zone:
09/29 12:00

1 day 4 hours.
It is obvious I have a different definition of “affected for a short period of time”

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@dannyterhaar That is understandable, and I can understand. But for the amount of time for us to see the bug, recognize it, and get the resources on to work on it and fix it, It seemed pretty quick. Also, granted, this was a display issue, so no data was lost or being lost during this time.

Thanks again.