Show us your bubbles! Better still a list of detected devices


Thanks… The two detected waveforms for my 3 Subzero fridge device are much simpler indicating, though similar, indicating that Sense is still missing some of the additional components.


This is similar to what mine looked like before HS110. I installed HS110 because I could hear the SubZero running w/ Sense not detecting device as being On. Or sense would detect the fridge compressor running when I was confident it was actually the freezer compressor ( you can tell by checking evaporator temperatures).


Have you given thought (if you have crawl space) to going under your house and seeing if you have enough slack you can pull in the wire to cut it, put a box and receptacle on the line side and plug going up to the subzero receptacle? There you could put the hs110. When I was trying to test my floor heater, that’s what I did to use the kill-a-watt. Doing it that way keeps it within NEC.


Not a bad idea… I’m not that desperate yet, though. I do get partial insight into the energy usage from Sense today, plus with guys like @serovner86 installing HS110s, Sense will get enough “ground truth” over the next year to really enhance identification of Subzeros (Yay @serovner86 !).

My refridge units are suppose to be smart and do have a built-in interface for home automation. Only problem is that the interface is fairly complicit and proprietary and requires hookup to a high end home automation system. I would love to hack something together, just to know when the units are running, and when the freezer is defrosting.


To be honest. I’m jealous of all those HS110’s everyone has.
I’m really in the stone age compared to everyone else.

The more posts I read about them. the more I’d like to have
some. I’ve seen the topic on deals for them but they are still
out of range for me. Where to get the lowest prices consistently?


Not sure there is one consistent place for best price… @ken2 shared a pretty good price earlier today.

The market price used to be around 40$ last year, but started dropping late in the year.

B&H and WalMart have them for $15.99


Don’t laugh @kevin1 but I went and bought one. Yeah. just one.
It’s a start but going to happen slowly for me. That is the best
price I have seen.


It’s going on this Keurig coffee maker


Lowest I’ve found is B&H Photo ( for $15.99 including shipping.