Signals Blank?



My sense has been installed for 6 months. I have 22 devices detected. Everything seems to work OK. I just noticed the settings\my home\sense monitor\signals are blank. It has probably been this way since the electricians installed it. What might the problem be? Are the clamps on backwards or is the polarity of the sense power reversed?



This happens to me from time to time. I believe it happens when my screen blanks and the wi-fi connection is temporarily stopped. Usually all I have to do is totally close and then reopen the Sense app and the values return.



I “forced stop” on the sense app on my android device. Settings\applications\sense “force stop”. Opened the app again and the values are now present.



@jru.sense got to it first. Glad it’s working again!


FYI: Today signals is blank again. Forcing the app closed and reopening the app shows data again.


But you’ve got bubbles? Odd, only time my signals info was missing was when I’d lost WiFi on the unit, and there were no bubbles either.


Yes I have bubbles :slight_smile: . Sense seems to be working just fine. This is on a samsung galaxy S7.


Yeah, that’s odd if you have bubbles. Sounds like a bug. Definitely let us know if it happens again. Same for you @jru.sense