Small power drops consistently every couple seconds


After getting my solar clamps installed a month or so back, I notices a weird, but consistent pattern in the usage graph. I was able to get it resolved, but it came back (and stayed) today when we opened the panel for the inspection.

When zoomed out, the drop is consistent no matter the load as seen here:

And zoomed all the way in (left image), it’s a minor drop consistently taking place every 2 second or so.

I tried to pull the unit out and reseat all the cables, but it’s still there. Solar is still not active (no production meter yet), so curious if anyone else has seen something similar.

Are you sure the panel isn’t touching the clamps?
Other have had trouble when the cover was keeping the clamp open by the tiniest amount.
When I say others have had trouble, I’m not sure if it’s identical to yours but similar and other strange happenings.