Smart plug and devices

First i don’t know if this needs to be under technical questions or Product wish list. So I have some questions about smart plugs and devices and how the two work together. I think it would be nice if you basically docked a device to the smart plug in the app OR if you are plugging in a device that hasn’t been detected before then allowing the end user to create a new device that is docked to the smart plug. after docking the device to the smart plug then all the power usage data collected by the smart plug is added to the device data instead of it being associated to the smart plug and then giving the user the option to undock the device from the smart plug and retaining the collected data so if a smart plug is moved and used with a different device it doesn’t effect the power usage data with devices. Also giving the ability to dock and undock would give us the end users the option to replace a smart plug with a new one in the event a smart plug stops working or breaks and then we can just undock the device and dock with the new smart plug and not lose all the previously collected power usage.

It already somewhat works that way but not as well as you are describing. You are right, it would be nice to ha e this as a feature.
I detailed this before but don’t remember where. I had one HS110 that I moved to 3 different devices. When I go to my device list for currently active devices, it only shows the device currently plugged into it. But I can go back and look at the use of it with each of the three devices usage shown separately instead of all being combined. It does require removal of the plug and renaming to be done in a specific way. It’s a workaround of sorts and works in the meantime. I urge you to put this in the product wishlist category.

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