So what is your MINIMUM power usage? 249 here for a big house

I have a high efficiency gas fired boiler and baseboard heat. But that has been off for summer however the domestic hot water circulator is still on. No Attic fan.
This is what really made me look into what is going on.

I was on vacation and no one was home from July 1 -July 18.

Fridge / freezer with a bad compressor ? Sump pump stuck on ? Time to do a process of elimination via the breaker box with the Sense app in hand, looking at the grey bubble or the power meter view.

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My always on is usually 27 or 28w and there is usually at least another 35w unknown. My roku, DVD player, vcr, game consols, etc. are all plugged into an outlet that cuts their power if the TV is off. The Roku is agonizingly slow to start but seems to keep the usage down.