Stuck bubbles, can Other be stuck


I had an odd situation over the weekend. I had a mystery wattage blowing up my other bubble starting about 1pm. I had a couple of light bubbles that were stuck on and I flipped the switch a couple times on one and it went off. the other one I had to do “device is not on”. The Other bubble was registering about 1800-2200 watts, about what I generally see with a floor heater on and a couple of lights. We were working around the house with various power tools, etc… but nothing was on, not even plugged in. I found the heater in the well house had been on, running it up to about 70 (it’s set to keep it at 39, so I can’t figure out why it was on). I turned it off but shortly noticed the bubble was back. I went back out, the heater wasn’t on, the pump wasn’t on (although it runs about 2500). After another search of the whole house and barn, including turning the heater on and off (with no results), I reset the breaker in the well house. The Other bubble kicked down to where it should be and I didn’t have any other issues with it the rest of the evening.

Is it possible for the Other bubble to be ‘stuck’ on, like I sometimes see with the others or would you recommend taking a serious look at the wiring in the well house? (I didn’t see hear smell anything that would indicate anything shorting out or arcing - I looked)

thoughts, comments, recommendations?

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