Suggestion to SENSE manufacturing: CT Clamp design

My suggestion is to add a ‘locking plastic tab’ to the CT clamps. Too many users have had the problem of their clamps accidently opening up when they replace their panel covers. Use this idea from another company to prevent a possible user installation error (and a support ticket) on future CT clamps.


Plus these take up less room than the Sense ones with the handle. My only issue with these is they typically have a cheap flimsy hinge. I had another competitor monitor installed in my panel several years ago that used these type CTs and the hinge broke on several if you have to open and close a few times. This was at the time I was making changes and I had to pull a few out to move them.

The point I was trying to make was:

Not for SENSE to use this style of CT Clamp.

They should stay with their original design and just add a simple plastic latch ‘tab’ to keep the clamps from accidently opening. The current suggestion is to use tape to make certain the clamps remain closed when you are re-installing your panel cover. The picture was only an example of a plastic safety latch.

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