Sum kWh of current power meter graph view

I’d really like a sum Wh of the current power graph section I’m looking at… just total of power currently in view… Not only would this trend up or down with live updates it’d help with questions like how much power was used over night. Or how much power did we use during super bowl party… a sum for usage and sum for solar probably makes sense.


Still wish I had current display sums here… would love to see how my solar and usage totals compare over arbitrary periods… if it worked on device meters too it’d be great with the time scale buttons to compare at different scales.

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If you’re desperate enough and can tolerate the non-trivial you could potentially streamline WebPlotDigitizer or similar to get close.

My bet is Sense has pondered this for a while and that it’s on the long list of future features, not at the top and not at the bottom.

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I was going to make a similar request where one could select a section of histogram and be provided how much power was used.

Your idea is better! This would be incredibly helpful in more situations, and would adapt better with the UI controls and logic that already exists.

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I like this request!

Also I would like to have total daily run (on) times for devices to be exported in the .csv file.