Summary of Sense Accuracy Measurements vs Utilities

Here’s a quick overview of many Sense measurement comparisons vs. different utilities’ metering systems. In all of these, Sense has proven to be quite accurate, though not necessarily at first. A number of them started out with large errors (the ones with the word “after” in their description), but eventually yielded very positive comparisons. If you are having trouble seeing similar accuracy, some of these examples might help you sort through your differences between Sense and your utility. Issues might include a second panel that Sense isn’t measuring, measurement interval differences between Sense and your utility, or your utility giving inaccurate readings (really !).

Measured Accuracy URL
Within 1% of utility after discovering mystery second panel Usage Accuracy
Within 1% of utility, even after Sense issues, far better more recently How to Tell When Your Sense is Lying to You - #6 by kevin1
Variance of 3% or less vs utility Total kwh accuracy? - #9 by peter
Within 1% of utility after the Sense and utility time periods were aligned Solar Production Comparison
Better than within 1% of utility How Accurate is Sense vs. Utility Metering? - #6 by Dcdyer
Better than within 1% of utility, but only after comparing against utility Actual Reads vs Estimated Correlating NVEnergy Usage Data with Sense Data
Better than within 1% of utility Sense accuracy compared to meter - #4 by samwooly1
Within 3%, in just a spot check against the meter How Accurate is Sense vs. Utility Metering? - #17 by jkish
Within 1%, after adjusting for device breakers upstream from the Sense CTs Electric Bill Question
Within 0.5% - WOW ! How accurate is accurate? (Sense+Solar vs Tampa Electric) **spoiler IT'S VERY ACCURATE**

If you want to try checking accuracy yourself, here are some tips and techniques.

ps: Let me know if I have missed any interesting measurement comparison stories. Thinking we might need a separate table for solar output comparisons.


This is a great idea! All the new users are asking the same questions. There should be more explanations and resources to guide a first time (or an advanced) user.

I agree with adding a second section for Solar.

Thanks for putting this document together.


Just updated for one more high accuracy measurement after a few home discoveries:

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