Support for TP-Link HS300 Power Strip


Since Sense supports the TP-Link HS110 smart plug, can we please add support for these power strips too? :slight_smile: I have 2 of them now and currently they’re both plugged into an HS110 to report total usage, but it would be way nicer/cooler if Sense could just support these power strips to get the individual stats. It should be relatively easy to implement this since as far as I’ve been able to tell they use that same TP-Link API as the HS110.


Second the nomination!


I pushed this to team. We’ll look into the feasibility of it.


Let me know if there’s anything they need :slight_smile: I’d be happy to help write the code too :stuck_out_tongue:


I have the same power strip. It is excellent. I emailed Sense last month, and they said they would look in to it. Hopefully, having done the HS110, it won’t be too much work to do the HS300.


I Would Love This As Well !!!
I bought a HS300 for my computer devices thinking It would work with Sense. I can see individual consumption in the Kasa app, just like the HS110’s
I have four HS110’s but have to end up grouping multiple devices, like TV, Stereo, DVD on them.
I have already made changes to the way I was using energy that will offset the cost of the Sense monitor, Pretty Cool!