Tell me about your solar

Nice job.

Especially love your $ rationale and keeping old solar panels “in the light”.
In certain climes there would be sheep shading underneath.
Did you consider/cost a pre-fab shed?

Question: 13 degree pitch?

Suggestion: cross-bracing on (at least some) of your posts … the pseudo engineer/builder in me wonders about shear in violent weather. Adults on kiddie swings are a good test :wink:

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the 13 degree was more about building a pergola than a solar rack… If i had the pitch i needed the pergola would be useless (trying to justify this to the wife, she wanted the pergola) I do have cross bracing i took those other pictures before adding them, if you look at one of the later images that have the grounding in place, you can see the brace in the background… :slight_smile: Thanks for the input too!! Uhmm… what is sheep shading? lol I did consider a pre-fab “pergola” (again what the wife wanted) but they were just flimsy and/or super expensive, often using cheap wood too…

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haha! beautiful, but don’t buy goats!!! :slight_smile:

Just got a 4.9kw Solar installed in Rochester, NY. I had Sense installed with the system.

It is 16 305watt Q-Cell panels with AP Systems QS1 micro inverters. It is net metering with RG&E.

I have 8 south facing and 4 east and 4 west due to my roof architecture.

I got a Tesla Model 3 about a year ago and expect the system will cover about 60% of my total usage. I did recently change most of my lighting from Incandescent and CFLs to LED (Good sale on Amazon for Philips bulbs at about $1 a bulb).


I am running a small 3.3Kw system comprised of 10 Panasonic 330W panels, 6 facing south and 4 facing west. I believe my system is forecast to produce 5,500kWh/year. I am only about four months into my first year, so we’ll see how close my actuals are to forecast.

I have a DIY setup running 45 @ 255w Trina panels with Tigo optimizers. I use 3 @ 3.8kw ABB UNO string inverters. I have a ground mount using Ironridge hardware.

I wanted the optimizers due to shading.
I chose the inverters because at the time they were cheaper than micro inverters. Plus I wanted to add a battery bank down the road. Its a little cheaper to swap out the string inverter.
I like the ground mount because I had the space and it was easier as a DIY project.

Only issue so far is during commissioning the inverters were false triggering arc faults on the inverter. ABB sent me and upgrade kit to help and the false trips went away.

Only hard part was giving up extra money to a PE. I am capable of doing it myself, but the permit office wouldn’t accept it without a stamp. Basically they weren’t able to confirm I did it right so they wanted a PE to sign off. Check with the permit office first and you won’t have this surprise.


added another 5.2kW to my setup, now running around 10.4kW, hope to add another 12 panels to the garage before the snow hits.