Two Identical Oil Burner Motors


I have two oil fired boilers with Beckett burners (pretty standard fare). My Sense has been on for a bit more than 48 hours and it found both burner blower motors. For that alone Sense is well worth to me- knowing how long my oil burners ran (at 0.87 gallons/ hour each) @ $2.50 per gallon.

However, one of the motors is reliably identified when on and off… the other motor is reliably identified when on, but shows “off” in after 5-10 seconds… while in reality the motor is on for another 5 minutes or so…

Question - is the algorithm going to fix this by itself or detection on this motor (Motor 2 in Sense) is pooched already and need to delete it and hope Sense finds it again automagically?

Thank you


That sounds like a quick Discovery. From my recent experience with a coffee maker, i moved it to another circuit, it was never right after that for several months. I deleted it and in a day or two it was found correctly.