Unable to login?

Just tried to login with desktop browser:

ofcourse I did fill out login/pass but edited in this screenshot

Tried it again and now it says “Failed to fetch” as error message

3rd try is a charm and now it worked.


Could have been from this…

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Maybe they should mention that on the login page?
SCE (my utility company) mentions that on the actual login page as well when they have planned maintenance.

@kevin1 is most likely right. We had a planned maintenance window yesterday (we sent out an email beforehand) and it aligns with when you were seeing this issue.

I’ll share this feedback with the team as well.

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btw: I just checked my email, no message about maintenance received.

Ah, it’s because i’m subscribed to updates from status.sense.com. When planned maintenance is added, the status page sends out an alert. I’d recommend subscribing for updates moving forward.