Unknown heater, ~200W, runs for 3 minutes, comes on 3-4 times a day


Doesn’t appear to be associated with my kitchen fridge because it kept running when I unplugged the fridge. My garage fridge doesn’t have a defrost function.


If you have central air conditioning it could be a crankcase heater https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crankcase_heater.


Good thought! I didn’t know these existed. I will test it out by cutting power to the outside unit the next time this heater is detected.


For what it’s worth, I didn’t think it was associated with my refrigerators either because of the same reason. Which is also why I had a question mark after my garage fridge (separate device discovered) because of the same thing. It wasn’t until we had the whole refrigerator unplugged for a day or so that I noticed I didn’t see either the garage fridge or the mystery heat.


I have this same problem. Mine shows up using about 400W and I have no idea what it could be.


Almost identical experience here… ~180W per cycle. Eliminated the fridge & electric part of my HW heater by killing the breakers to them. It’s not a heater either (I live in Florida… we don’t know what that is yet at this time of year). Convinced it’s not a heat device but can’t figure what it could be.


Sounds like ice maker cube heater… warms the cubes up enough for them to be ejected from the tray.


What about the heater on a water dispenser?

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