Usage pre-Sense input

So I started putting together an Excel spreadsheet to look at my power usage trends and I started comparing my power usage from my bills to what Sense shows and the two are almost identical which is expected. I thought it would be nice to be able to add my usage data for the months prior to installing my sense so i can see it on my yearly usage chart in the app and maybe show up as a different color so i can see the pre-Sense usage vs post-Sense usage.

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I emphatically agree with this approach! Most certainly a majority of users would find meaningful benefits, having an in-app method of transcribing “actual” usage information.

What is the power/energy sample interval for your pre-Sense data ? If that interval isn’t an hour, then fitting the data in would probably be quite difficult, since it looks all the Sense trend data is built on top of hourly aggregated data.

I was just thinking it would be nice to add the total months usage that i can collect to the trends/usage tab. obviously it wont have data points or hourly averages and would just be monthly/billed usage numbers collected from my power bills. maybe just allow the pre-sense billing cycles to be filled in with a total number and just averaged across the cycle then we can be able to look back in our trends tab to see the improvements we are making post sense install.

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I just created one in excel and you can see that i’m trending down on my power usage post sense which is great and i see that sense is helping me save money. The yellow highlighted usage is pre-sense and the orange is post sense.