Using this forum effectively


Thank you everyone for your continued support of Sense and for all of the help you lend to each other. It’s great to see so much enthusiasm here for the product (and receive constructive criticism :wink:) and for the Community as a whole.

With all of your help, this has become a great place for Sense users and prospective Sense users — to share Sense stories and tips and tricks, to get some insight on what an unknown device might be, to give us direct feedback on new releases, to request new features, to just chat about Sense and other smart home tech, and to see if other users might be experiencing an issue. I do want to emphasize, however, that the Community forum is not a substitute for the Support process.

Please if you think you’re experiencing a bug or are having specific problems with your installation, submit a Support ticket. This makes it far easier for us to get you the help you need, as well as to track these issues so all users can benefit. This applies especially to new app updates where we really want to get all bug reports and technical issues combined in one place. With such a small team, it can be immensely challenging to pull together bug reports from scattered locations. If you’d like to post here in addition to try and foster discussion, that is ok too, but Support should be the frontlines for diagnosing issues. They know the product inside and out and have access to Sense-specific diagnostic tools and can access your data and monitor logs directly (with permission, of course). And with the Customer Service Portal, you can easily get insight into where your Support tickets stand.

Thanks! If you have any questions about this or if you’re ever unsure if something should be brought directly to the Support team, just shoot me a PM.