Video: Sense as an "aging-in-place" tool


I came across this video where Sense is mentioned and portraited as a device that can help monitor elderly people so they can continue living on their one. It’s mentioned as one of the smart technologies that can be used. I thought it was a pretty clever usage that I hadn’t thought about. I posted it on my Facebook page:


Thanks for sharing! Yeah, we were featured in Dwell on this topic as well:

It’s definitely worth reading.

Honestly, it’s not a use case I ever really envisioned, but now it really does make sense and we’ve heard some stories from our users along this front too. While it’s always awesome to hear how a user knocked $20/mo off their electric bill with Sense, there’s something particularly heartwarming in these stories.


Very interesting.

When my wife and I finally reach retirement I’ve envisioned renting our house (or maybe listing it as an AirB&B, whatever works better in all scenarios when the time arrives) and traveling the world.

Sense would give me a great amount of insight on how the house is being used in either scenario, particularly the airb&b option, whilst at the same time not really generating any serious privacy concerns like alternatives such as cameras tend to generate.

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Frankwin…“a device that can help monitor elderly people so they can continue living on their one.”…
This is why I bought the Sense. So far coming up on a year I do not have the confidence of it working with this in mine. Sense has discovered most of the operations on our stove…Which I feel is a major part that needs to be protected from being left on as we age… As the burners cycle on and off or the oven cycles on and off… Sense needs to have some kind of delay to send me an notification that it has been on for some period of time. " Basic Notifications …Alert me when it turns OFF or OFF" I think it will need some kind of delay feature… Alert me if 'still on after ‘x’ and not off for ‘y’. ( or vise versa, Still early for me… hi hi ) Also Sense did not alert me or show my well pump running last summer for almost 24 hours. All my fault … Should have notice total wattage draw. Pipe broke out in our pasture. My thoughts. Grind this out… Later…Gerry

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