WattTime integration

So this seems like it might be a good fit for the sense community, although I admit I haven’t got an immediate product idea: https://www.watttime.org/

IoT devices talking to an AER (Automated Emissions Reduction) smart grid seems inevitable.
“My freezer only operates and unlocks for access during the day when the solar kicks in!”

Unless I’m thinking in the wrong direction, the more capacity the offline grid has (read: battery power or frozen meat) the more interesting AER becomes because you can selectively charge your car batteries (or freeze your Impossible Burgers) based on the power source availability and associated emissions.

Utilities already essentially do AER through thermostat adjustment on HVAC but with Sense hooks you can imagine more sophisticated IoT device manipulation: subtle changes in refrigeration cycles or electric toothbrush charging.

All those small changes add up but it’s hard to imagine they will compare to the effect of introducing, say, a PowerWall or whole-house battery into your system or local grid.

I wonder in the bigger picture if AER is somewhat like banning plastic straws in your takeout iced coffee vs persuading people to chill out when recharging and have their coffee “to stay”?

There is such a thing, isn’t there (?), as too much juice in your system!

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