Web app / data download feature


I’ve had Sense since Christmas and have wanted to share some of the data with family and friends. However I can’t get it the way I’d like to show it using screenshots from the Android app … and for the life of me I can’t work out any other way to analyse the data (am I missing something?). I searched here just now for ‘Excel’ and ‘spreadsheet’ to see if there was already a post about this issue but coudn’t find any relevant information. This functionality can’t come soon enough for people like me.


Seconded. The ability to download data in spreadsheet form would be excellent.


IFTTT may help. There are a few applets(?) already on their site, two of which send information to a Google spreadsheet. https://ifttt.com/sense_energy_monitor


The Sense channel for IFTTT currently only can log on/off events to a google spreadsheet.


And only for one device at a time.


Yes, we definitely need the ability to download data. Perhaps this will be a feature of the web app?

Speaking of which, what is the current status of that? I have asked about that several times, and was told “real soon now” months ago. An honest answer would be appreciated.


Not sure how I missed this! Thanks for the suggestion everyone. We don’t currently have a feature that allows the download of Sense data but it is definitely something we are going to look at, given the interest. Right now, the best way to download some of your Sense data is via the IFTTT applet that was mentioned above.

@eyesspeee, what data were you looking to share that you couldn’t get a good screenshot for?

@peter, with regards to the web app, the developer who was working on the web app is no longer at the company. Unfortunately that means that until we find someone to pick up where they left off, the web app is delayed. That being said, we do have an early web app version available to beta testers. If you’re interested in access to that early version, you can fill out an application here: https://sense.formstack.com/forms/sensebetaapplication. Sorry for the delay!



I was primarily interested in some sort of usage data such as Usage by Device on a per second / minute / hour / day or whatever basis.


Noted @eyesspeee! You may already know this, but it’s worth mentioning that you can see some device specific usage data in a device’s details view (by clicking on the device in the timeline or bubble view). You can look at usage trends on a weekly basis and then if you click the trends graph in this view and select ‘DAY’ at the top of the trends view instead of ‘WK’, you’ll see usage on an hourly basis. Further, if you press and hold on the graph, you can see stats for a specific hour.

I know this isn’t the same as a table of data but it is one way that you can share some cool information with family and friends.


@BenAtSense , I completed the Beta application last Thursday after seeing your reply. The next day I got an automated email stating that I should receive a follow up within one business day. I’m still waiting. Any change you can check on the status of the application for me?


I’d love to export the data to excel by device and as a whole house.


@peter, I looked into it and you should received an email on Monday adding you to the beta group. Let me know if you need it sent again!

@dek8ce, noted!


@BenAtSense , checked my email and I don’t see it. Please send it again. peter at cstone dot net



It’s not Monday yet :slight_smile:


Peter, another should have been sent over!


@BenAtSense ,

I did receive another email. The subject is:

[Request received] Welcome To Sense Beta Program & next steps

But the body of the email contains the following:

— cut —
Thanks for contacting Sense!

Resolving your issues and answering your questions are our top priority! A member of our Customer Support Team will investigate and follow up with you to resolve your inquiry within one business day.
While you wait, we invite you to read our blog, there are many articles that you will find informative. Such as:

Why is Sense taking a while to detect my devices?
Why Can’t I Train Sense?

You can also check out our FAQs which may answer your current question.

Our normal hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST.

Feel free to add any related comments by replying to this email.

Thank you,
Sense Customer Support
— cut —

So no link to the Beta area or anything like that. So how do I go about accessing the beta web application?


Very odd! Just sent you a private message (on the forum) with some info.


I’d like to have access to this as well if it’s still available. filling out the form now!


@Becky, you should have gotten an email in response. If you didn’t, let me know!


Hi Ben, I got the auto reply that I submitted the request, but I don’t see anything else. :frowning: